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Pre-k3 curriculum


Social & Emotional Skills

Respect & show concern for people and things

Accept & respond to authority

Play & share with other children

Have a good self-image

Have appropriate control over feelings

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Use crayons, scissor, and glue appropriately

Runs, jumps and climbs well

Catches, bounces, and throws

a ball

Is beginning to manipulate a zipper, button, and snap


Work/Play Habits

Understands and follows directions

Is curious, observant and can make choices

Works/plays independently

Seeks help when needed

Listens while others are speaking

Observes rules and regulations

Self-Reliance/Speaking Skills

Communicates in sentences

Listens quietly & waits for a turn

Can dress self

Will clean/pick up after self


Reading/Math Readiness

Knows colors, shapes, and body parts

Can identify some letters and numbers

Enjoys musical activities, rhythm and movement

Knows colors, shapes, and 

numbers 1-20

Can sequence different sizes & categorize objects

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